Low fees are important. The lower the fee, the more money goes into your savings. Lysa's fee is between 0.15-0.24% per year and we invest your money into some of the world's best global low cost funds and ETFs, with low transaction costs.

Total fee per year

Lysa's fee - 0.00%

The fee that goes directly to Lysa - for your portfolio and fund management.

0,00 kr.
Fees for underlying holdings - 0.00%

The fee that goes to the underlying funds and ETF's in which we invest your money.

0,00 kr.
Transaction costs - 0.00%

Costs that arise when the funds are trading in underlying instruments

0,00 kr.
Total fee per year - 0.00%
0,00 kr.

To build the best portfolio, we invest in the equity and bond markets as part of our management mandate, currently through the funds Lysa Aktier and Lysa Global Fixed Income.. More information about Lysa's funds.

What you pay for

The financial industry has been creative when it comes to presenting (see: hiding) their fees. We want to be transparent and straight forward. The more you invest with Lysa, the lower the fee. The total fee for the average Lysa customer is approx. 0.4% per year.

Transaction costFees for underlying holdingsLysa's fee

Lysa's fee

At Lysa, we never accept kickbacks or compensation from anyone other than our customers. The annual fee to Lysa is the same regardless of how you choose to save and gets lower the more you save.

Fees for underlying holdings and transaction costs

Fund fees are paid to the underlying funds in which your money is invested. Transaction costs are the costs that arises when the funds are trading in underlying instruments. As of 2023, transaction costs includes both direct transaction costs (e.g. courtage and settlement fees) and indirect transcation costs (e.g. spread-costs). Read more here. All of these are included in your total fee and will vary depending on the composition of your portfolio.

The importance of a low fee

Over time, fees play a big part in the ultimate return. High fees that are deducted from your assets year after year eat up your capital and dampen the well-known effect of compound interest.

21.338 kr.

more in your Lysa account after 10 years compared to an equity fund with a fee of 1.56%*

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* The average equity fund fee in Denmark is 1.56% (March 2022). See how we calculated.